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The process of hardening of steels at A.J. Engineering Works is carried out by heating the components of carbon and low alloy steels to temperatures between 810^C to 910^C and High Carbon High chromium / Hot die steels to temperatures between 980^C to 1040^C. The heating is done either in controlled atmosphere or without atmospheric control. We have both type of furnaces, once the requisite temperature is achieved, soaking is provided to austerize the material thoroughly & uniformly up to the core of a given crossection.

After adequate soaking, material is quenched in a) molten salt (Mar quench), or b) Oil, or C) polymer soln (dissolved polymer in water) or d) aqueous soln (dissolved salts in water). The quench severity is minimum in salt bath and maximum in aqueors soln. depending upon the steel and section size, the process of quenching is selected as per grade & section size of steel and iron.

Rotary & Continuous Furnace Heat Treatment At A.J. Engineering Works we have all above methods of quenching and have suitable quenching equipments installed for the same. Austenizing and soaking prior to quenching is done in various types of furnaces as following:-

1). Sealed retort Gas atmosphere furnaces (General purpose) – controlled atmosphere.
2). Rotary Retort Furnace controlled atmosphere with Fluid Carbon Dozer.
3). Continuous Furnace(For small parts generally fasteners, hand tools, springs etc.) – controlled atmosphere.

Facilities to check Rockwell, Superficial Rockwell, Brinell hardness, Vickers & micro vicker hardness, rebound hardness & Poldi bar hardness are available at A.J. Engineering Works.

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